Nokia to shoulder past Apple with Windows Phone 8 debut: report

Apple may unveil its next iPhone on Sept. 12. But Nokia is set to introduce its Windows 8 Phone before that, according to one report. 

Joe Belfiore introduces the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system in San Francisco in June.

On Sept. 12, Apple will likely unveil a new iPhone.

But that hasn't deterred Nokia, which reportedly plans on introducing its long-awaited Windows Phone 8 handset on Sept. 5, a week ahead of the oncoming maelstrom of Apple hype. According to Reuters, Nokia has scheduled a Nokia World trade show in Helsinki on Sept. 5 and Sept. 6 – the perfect opportunity to roll out a new device. Caveats abound: We don't know that Apple will definitely introduce an iPhone at its Sept. 12 event. 

And Stephen Elop, the chief executive at Nokia, has said only that a Windows Phone 8 handset will ship in the "relatively near term." Still, it makes sense that Nokia, which has struggled mightily to keep pace with rivals such as Apple and Samsung, would want to make the most of its Windows 8 phone launch. Take the wraps off the device any later than Sept. 12, and you risk getting buried by Apple news. 

Over at the Verge, Vlad Savov has posted a picture from a Chinese tech site, which purports to show a Nokia Windows Phone 8 screen. "On display is a pretty minimalist front panel," Savov writes, "with curved corners, space for a front-facing camera and earpiece, the usual trio of capacitive Windows Phone buttons, and a helpfully provided ruler across its diagonal. That tells us the screen size is 4.3 inches." 

The screen on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S measures 3.5-inches. But Horizons readers will remember that Apple is rumored to be increasing the screen size on the next iPhone by 30 percent, to 4 inches, the better to keep up with its rivals. 

And with the launch of the iPhone will come the usual maelstrom of rumors and buzz. Which means the window is closing fast for any handset manufacturer that wants to get out in front of Apple. 

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