Everything you need to know about new iPhone rumors. Really, everything.

Have you heard about the new iPhone? Rumor has it the iPhone 5 will debut in August. No, September. No, October.

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What might the next iPhone bring?

Although there are rumors about plenty of tech companies, Apple's fan-boy following assures that the gossip fire hose is always at full blast. In fact, it often feels as though the iPhone generates more breathless chatter than Tom Cruise, the Kardashians, and Linsanity combined.

If your tech tastes run to sweaty-palmed crystal gazing, we've collected all of the latest iPhone rumors into one place. As you can see, Apple scuttlebutt is very authoritative. 

The new iPhone's release date

It's coming out in August! But, PC World doubts that.

It's coming out in September! But, 9to5Mac doubts that.

It's coming out in October! But, The Washington Post says that Chinese manufacturers are already building the phones.

Hold on to your seats, people. The Monitor is about to make its own earth-shaking forecast.

The Monitor's prediction: The new iPhone will come out.

Photos of the new iPhone

Have you seen the latest images of the new iPhone?

More photos were posted of the new phone. But, TechCrunch doubts these.

Photos of the iPhone were posted by a Chinese site.

Photos were posted of the new iPhone in May.

Photos of the new iPhone were found last week. 

The Monitor's prediction: Definitive photos of the new iPhone will appear shortly after the announcement of the new iPhone. (See above for dates.) Those photos will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the new iPhone looks like what it looks like and not what it does not look like.

Well there you have it, folks. Apple rumors are as reliable as the guidebook in Herman Melville's "Redburn." If there is one thing that is true, it is Apple's devotion to secrecy and the legacy of control that Steve Jobs has bequeathed the company.

Apple products are popular. They are well-designed and often very innovative. So people will be interested. But the company's relationship to its own news, along with the excess of personal worth its fans continue to dump into its every move assure both a proliferation of rumor and the unreliability of those rumors. It is probably best, in the long run, to consider any pre-launch "news" to be simply a jumping-off point for discussion. The only definitive source on Apple is Apple.

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