Zerg rush! How to unlock the newest Google easter egg

Google this week unveiled a new 'Zerg rush' easter egg, a tribute to the video game Starcraft. 

Watch out for those falling Zerglings!

Google has a great track record with easter eggs.

There was the one about the "loneliest number". And the one about the "loneliest number plus number of horns on a unicorn" (just try it). Also the barrel roll (not for those susceptible to motion sickness). Today comes news of the newest Google surprise: a cascading, fast-moving, completely-playable tribute to the classic video game Starcraft. 

Here's how it works: Navigate over to the Google homepage. Type in the phrase "zerg rush." (For the uninitiated, it's a tactic from the strategy game Starcraft.) Steel yourself. Wait for a waterfall of Os – all from the Google logo – to fall over your search results. Now click on as many Os – otherwise known as "Zerglings" – as you can before the Os form a big pair of Gs, at which the game is over – you've lost. (As far as we can tell, there's no way to "win."

As an extra-bonus, you can share your high score on Google+, Google's social network. 

Of course, as many disappointed users have pointed out, there's no real way to beat the Zerg rush. You can click each falling Zergling into obsolescence, but eventually, too many Os will cover your screen. "You can't win, but you can share your score on Google+. I guess you can beat your friends at it, if you count that as winning," one optimistic gamer wrote on Reddit today.

Video of a typical Zerg rush below. Or you can navigate over to our list of past top Google Easter eggs.

Happy clicking. 

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