iPad users report Wi-Fi, 4G LTE woes

Owners of the new iPad have reported issues with the Wi-Fi antenna and the 4G service on Apple's latest tablet. 

Customers look at the new iPad at the Apple Store in the Eaton Centre shopping mall in Toronto.

Overheating, reception blackouts, persistent 4G LTE issues. 

Such are the problems reported by owners of the new iPad, which was released by Apple last week – and which was quickly snapped up 3 million times over, in just 36 hours. According to reports in PC Mag and Apple Insider, some consumers have reported that the Wi-Fi antennas on the iPad have trouble locating a signal; others have apparently chewed past their allotted 4G data caps in a matter of hours. 

Meanwhile, Consumer Reports have found that the new iPad runs "significantly hotter" than the iPad 2. Engineers for the magazine "recorded temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit on the front and rear of the new iPad while playing Infinity Blade II," the Consumer Reports team wrote this week. By comparison, that's 12 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 ran during that same test. 

Speaking to Computerworld, Apple downplayed the issue, and encouraged any users experiencing problems to contact Apple customer service. It's worth noting here that the problem does not seem to be extremely widespread. It's also worth noting we've seen this kind of thing before. In 2010, for instance, Apple was pelted with complaints about "death-grip," which allegedly affected reception on the iPhone 4

Apple responded by issuing free – and reception-improving – cases to consumers. 

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