Marty McFly shoes go on auction to benefit Michael J. Fox Foundation

Marty McFly shoes arrive. Nike will auction 1,500 pairs of the 2011 Nike Mag sneakers on eBay. Proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Danny Moloshok/Reuters
The 2011 NIKE MAG shoes, based on the original NIKE MAG worn in 2015 by the 'Back to the Future, Part 2' character Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, is displayed during its unveiling at The Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, Calif., on Sept. 8.

The year was 1989. Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled back to the future to save Marty's kid. Upon his arrival to the year 2015, Marty must change into more appropriate future-looking clothes, a jacket that adjusts to the size of its owner and dries instantly by the push of a button, and the cool Nike MAG shoe that would be known as the "greatest shoe never made."

In the film, Marty slips the sneakers on and the power-lace feature activates. Perfectly tied shoes; no effort required. Cool, right? At the time, it was something fans all dreamed of having.

Earlier this week, Youtube user DocEmmettBrown88 gave us a sneak peak into Marty's closet. In the video, the shelves are filled with the futuristic hightop sneaker.

As of this posting, the video has more than 1 million views. So we ask, could this be real? Can we finally get Marty McFly shoes?

Yes, with a twist. The 2011 Nike Mag shoe unfortunately doesn't have the power laces just yet. A pinch of the shoe will, however, trigger LEDs light to turn on. They are rechargeable and the glowing lasts up to 5 hours.

The Nike corporation, based in Oregon, has been working on the automatic lacing system since 2009, according to the website for the sneaker. No luck so far. Maybe the company will master it by 2015.

Now you can have your very own pair – if you have $5,000 to dish out.

Fans will not be able to purchase the sneakers at the local mall. Right now, the 1,500 pairs are only available through Ebay.

But better be quick! The auction ends on September 18. All proceeds will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

And if "Back to the Future" writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale's "calculations are correct" with their prediction of the self-lacing shoe, then we have at least four more years to wait for that innovation to arrive.

"Back to the Future, part 2," film clip:

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