iPad 3 could get OLED screen

The iPad 3 drumbeat has begun. Among the first rumors: The Apple device will ship with an OLED screen.

The iPad 3 is maybe forthcoming at the end of the year, says one tech site. Here, two cats play with the Friskies app on the iPad.

The iPad 2 went on sale in mid-March, which means that the Apple device has been on shelves for just over two months, which is ages in Apple Gossip Time (AGT). Clearly, it was only a matter of days before iPad 3 rumors began spinning through the blogosphere.

Here's one of the first: The iPad 3, or whatever Apple decides to call the next iteration of its top-selling tablet, will feature an organic light-emitting diode screen. (OLED, for short.)

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The scuttlebutt comes courtesy of a reporter at the tech site (of course), who says Apple exec Tim Cook recently visited South Korea, and chatted with Samsung reps about using that company's AMOLED displays on the iPad 3. "[T]he iPad 3 will launch towards the end of 2011 (by then Samsung's Gen-5.5 plant will have a 48,000 monthly substrate capacity), and Apple offered an advance payment for the displays," says.

End of 2011? Well, that sounds awful early to us. Plus, Samsung has vehemently denied the rumor. As Charlie White notes over at Mashable, Samsung AMOLED could be a pretty good choice for Apple.

"An OLED iPad could be thinner and lighter, with blacker blacks, more vivid colors, faster response time and wider viewing angles," he writes. "If Samsung can overcome the disadvantages of OLEDs, such as higher power consumption with light-colored images (such as web pages) and somewhat limited lifespan (although that’s been drastically improved recently), an OLED-packing iPad could be on the way sooner than anyone thought."

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