Nintendo 3DS breaks one-day sale number

Nintendo 3DS, the latest Nintendo device, has busted company sales records.

A man tries out a Nintendo 3DS in Paris.

The Nintendo 3DS, the 3D successor to the hyper-popular Nintendo DS console, is selling like gangbusters, company reps said today in a statement. According to Nintendo, "US day-one sales numbers for Nintendo 3DS were the highest of any Nintendo hand-held system in our history." The company promised more detailed numbers in coming days.

The Nintendo 3DS has won mixed marks from reviewers, who have fretted about the underwhelming battery life, but praised the glasses-free 3D effects.

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"Eighteen months from now, Nintendo will release the inevitable 3DS Lite and take us for another $250," one reviewer wrote. "Until that day arrives, I’m pretty comfortable saying that the Nintendo 3DS is the best gaming platform the company has ever created: The user experience is quite polished in a variety of ways, and its forward-thinking core feature really does make gaming better."

But the Nintendo 3DS launch has been far from smooth. As Adam Rosenberg over at DigitalTrends notes today, not long after the 3DS was released, users began reporting a total system shutdown affectionately known as the "black screen of death." Nintendo says affected users should download the latest system update; barring that, they should phone up the Nintendo customer service hotline.

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