Apple MacBook Pro: Is a new Mac laptop on the way?

Apple MacBook Pro, one of the most popular Apple computers, could be getting a refresh this March.

Is a new Apple MacBook Pro on the way? Yes, says at least one blogger. Here, a MacBook Pro is shown at a store in France.

The Apple MacBook Pro remains one of the most popular Apple machines – powerful, portable, and expensive, but not so expensive (especially at the lowest price point) that it won't totally decimate your savings. Before the MacBook Air in October, the last major MacBook Pro update came in April of last year, with the roll-out of a range of overhauled MacBook Pros, including a lightweight 13-inch model.

Apple, of course, is well known to spruce up its tech lines every year, which is why we buy a new rumor, currently circling the Web, that the MacBook Pro will again be refreshed, possibly as soon as March 1. This piece of gossip comes courtesy of the Danish blogger Kenneth Lund, who says he heard from an anonymous source that a new MacBook Pro line would be unveiled early next month. More on that here.

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Over at Apple Insider Kasper Jade and Neil Hughes confirm the Lund report. "A person familiar with the matter said the Mac maker currently anticipates an introduction of the new [MacBook Pro] models within about two weeks time, which would represent a delay of just a couple of weeks from when the company initially hoped to usher the new models onto the market," they write.

As Jade and Hughes hint, many tech analysts worried that a design flaw in the chipsets used on the MacBook Pros might result in serious problems for Apple. Thus far, that looks not to be the case.

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