White iPhone won't hit until spring of 2011, Apple says

White iPhone 4 holdouts will have to hold out a while longer.

White Apple iPhone 4 appears to be delayed again.

White iPhone 4 holdout?

You're not alone. But that doesn't mean you won't have to wait a while longer to get your hands on an iPhone 4 in any shade other than black. Today, Apple reps announced a white iPhone 4 will not be released until the spring of 2011 – almost a full year after the launch of the black iPhone 4. "We're sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again," Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Reuters.

No reason for the delay was given.

This isn't the first hiccup on the iPhone 4 front: Back in July, Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 would not ship until "later this year."

That admission prompted plenty of gossip around the Web, including this little gem from Business Insider's Jay Yarow: "While there's likely a manufacturing glitch, there could be another reason for the delay: Apple is working on a fix for the antenna problem which it will add to the new white iPhones." Yarow credited the rumor to buzz on Mac support forums.

The loudest iPhone 4 gossip these days, of course, revolves around the Verizon iPhone, which many analysts believe will land as soon as January. The most recent rumor, floated recently by the Wall Street Journal, had Verizon toying with a 4G-capable iPhone 4. That would give Verizon a big leg-up over AT&T, the network that currently has exclusive rights to power the iPhone.

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