Back to the Mac: What will Apple unveil Wednesday?

Back to the Mac, the next Apple press conference, promises computer updates. But could Apple also reveal the Verizon iPhone?

Apple has scheduled a "Back to the Mac" event for Oct. 20. But no information on the details of the event are forthcoming.

Back to the Mac is Wednesday. What could Apple have up its sleeve?

The annual computer update is often the least interesting of Apple's press conferences. When CEO Steve Jobs rolls out new mobile device, it often makes for some of the most entertaining infomercials around. When he describes a new computer operating system update, you can usually skip the liveblogs and just read headlines that afternoon.

Nonetheless, a new operating system is the most likely announcement coming from Back to the Mac. The invitation (pictured above) featured a lion, which would continue Apple's trend of naming OSX updates after big cats. The current version, 10.6, is called Snow Leopard.

Other rumors include a new MacBook Air, which is still sold in Apple stores, but has never really been updated from its original model. Cult of Mac reports that: "Steve Jobs will likely introduce a redesigned 13.3-inch MacBook Air with a bigger battery and more ports – yet thinner and lighter – than the current model.... Apple will probably also add a second, smaller 11.6-inch 'Netbook' version, according to our well-placed source."

As we drift deeper into speculation, some think Apple could even formally announce the much-hyped Verizon iPhone tomorrow. If Mr. Jobs does, such an announcement will likely steal the show. Funny how a phone is now considered bigger Apple news than computers, the company's original bread-and-butter product.

In fact, in a realization unthinkable just a few years ago, Apple now ships "more iPhones (14.1 million) and iPads (4.1 million) than Macs (3.89 million) in a quarter," according to CNET. You could argue this shows how Apple has marginalized its computers, or, that there's never been a better time for Macs than right now when the Apple brand is at its hottest.

Wednesday's Back to the Mac event begins at 10 am (Pacific), 1 pm (Eastern).

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