Google balls: What's up with the Google logo today?

Bouncy Google balls bob, bound, and ricochet all over the Google homepage today. screengrab
Today's Google logo gets bouncy with new particle simulator. Bouncy Google balls, anyone?

Google balls? Seems the search engine has done it again.

If you go to today your mouse will get a surprise.

The company has created a new Google doodle made up of bouncy balls.

When you move your mouse close to the logo, the balls all runaway in different directions. Move your mouse away and the balls come together to form the logo.

The animated page taps into the latest HTML and Javascript code. Because of this, many speculate that Google chose the bouncing balls as a way for users to tell whether or not they have an up-to-date Web browser. So, if you don't see the Google balls effect, consider downloading the latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or Firefox.

Others say the doodle is to celebrate Google's 12th birthday, which traditionally is not today. Google's birthday either falls on September 4th (the day Google was incorporated), 7th (when the company opened its doors in Menlo Park, Calif.), or 27th (the day Google usually celebrates its birthday).

Happy birthday, Google! Or at least happy birthmonth!

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