T-Mobile G2 confirmed. Here's what we know so far

T-Mobile said the G2 would "break new ground" in the smartphone market. Few other details on the T-Mobile G2 were forthcoming.

T-Mobile G2 fever swept across the Web this afternoon, although T-Mobile has released on minimal details on the successor to the T-Mobile G1.

Looking for details on the T-Mobile G2? On Wednesday, T-Mobile launched a promotional page for the G2, but details on the successor to the G1 are scant, to say the least. In two brief paragraphs posted to the T-Mobile G2 page, the carrier promised the handset will "break new ground" in the smartphone market.

"The T-Mobile G2 will deliver tight integration with Google services and break new ground as the first smartphone designed to run at 4G speeds on our new HSPA+ network," reads promo copy posted to the G2 satellite site. The page features no photographs of the forthcoming handset, and T-Mobile has not specified when the G2 will hit the market.


T-Mobile introduced the G1 in October of 2008. The handset was the first to run Android, Google's mobile OS, and many tech insiders thought the G1 had the capability to challenge the Apple iPhone head-on. In 2009, T-Mobile announced it had sold 1 million G1 handsets within six months of launch, a relatively impressive number for a fledgling handset running a fledgling OS.

But the G1 won only middling marks from reviewers. "The G1 isn't going to blow anyone's mind right out of the gate," wrote one critic. "Looking only at the hardware, there's nothing here that's particularly impressive, yet nothing that's particularly bad (though the GPS needs some work). It's a fine, solidly designed device that has enough style to please most users – but it won't win a ton of beauty pageants."

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