Ghost Recon to make Nintendo Wii debut in November

Ghost Recon will hit the Wii this fall. Meanwhile, Ubisoft is set to release Ghost Recon Predator on the Sony PSP.

Ghost Recon, a popular shooter distributed by Ubisoft, is set to make its debut on the Nintendo Wii this fall. A new Ghost Recon title, Ghost Recon Predator, will launch for the Sony PSP.

Ghost Recon fans, rejoice. Or fear for your favorite franchise.

Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that it would release two new Ghost Recon titles in November, including the first-ever Ghost Recon release for the Nintendo Wii – a system that has yet to introduce a really successful shooter. According to an Ubisoft press release, the Wii edition of Ghost Recon will feature 12 missions, set mostly in Norway and Moscow, and a two-player co-op experience with a "hot join" functionality, so a second player can dip in and out of the combat sequences.

No word yet on how the game will take advantage of the motion controls on the Wii. Critics have enjoyed several light-gun-esque Wii titles, such as Dead Space Extraction and The House of the Dead: Overkill (both "mature" rated games) but consumers have never really taken to either.

Ubisoft is also set to release a new installment of the Ghost Recon series for the Sony PSP.

Titled Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator, the PSP game includes a multiplayer option, and a campaign mode in the Sri Lankan Jungle. From the promo text posted by Ubisoft: "As open conflict with Pakistan looms, the Ghosts uncover proof that they've been targeting the wrong enemy. Now they must act before falsified intelligence lures America into an unpredictable and devastating war."

Ghost Recon made its debut on the PC in 2001. The franchise, which bears the imprimatur of the best-selling novelist Tom Clancy, follows the adventures of a squad of special forces operatives. Unlike Clancy's Rainbow Six series of games, which put a premium on stealth tactics, Ghost Recon is very much a battlefield game, giving players full control of a range of weaponry, including tanks and drones.

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