Pokemon Black and White video reveals surprising new features

Pokemon Black and White rolls out all kinds of new bells and whistles.

Pokemon Black and White will feature three-versus-three battles, according to a new video. Is it getting a little crowded in here?

New starters? Check. Massive new legendaries? Check. US release date? Check – kind of.

Three-versus-three Pokemon battles? Triple check.

That's one of several interesting reveals packed into the latest Pokemon Black and White video. As for the other surprises, let's see if we can count 'em all.

- We knew about the new cityscapes, but it seems there's a roller coaster as well. No word on whether the loop-the-loop is a mini-game or a novel way of getting around town.

- The trailer hinted at online features, connecting your Nintendo DS game to your computer.

- Then came the big surprise: 3-vs-3 combat.

Check out the video for the full announcement. Then, join the 700-plus comments in our massive Pokemon discussion thread, share your thoughts on the new starter Pokemon, and let everyone know if you're buying "Pokemon Black" or "White". Or, start your own conversation below.

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