DirecTV 3D coming in June with four channels

Nothing to watch on your 3D TV? DirecTV 3D is on the way.

3D TV channels are revving to go. But are there enough 3D TV sets to watch them?

Panasonic may be selling 3D TV sets now, but very few shows, movies, or games are ready to accommodate the third dimension.

Enter DirecTV 3D. This package of four channels hopes to appeal to those 3D TV buyers itching for more ways to enjoy their new several-thousand-dollar purchase. Starting in June, DirecTV will carry the sports station ESPN 3D, a new network called N3D, an all-3D pay-per-view channel, and an on-demand station.

ESPN subscribers will get the new 3D channel for free, and the other three come included with a normal DirecTV plan. Just be aware: viewing the new programming requires a 3D TV set and a pair of glasses.

The 3D sports network kicks off on June 11 with 85 events promised by the end of the year, starting with the World Cup. The network hinted that college football games will follow, and rebroadcasts will fill the empty spaces. "ND3 will be sort of a catch-all 3D channel," according to CNET, "with content from a variety of providers, including Fox, NBC, MTV, CBS (publisher of CNET), HDNet, and Turner Broadcasting."

This DirecTV announcement is good news for the 3D-at-home crowd. Despite the best efforts of marketers, manufacturers, and Hollywood successes in the theaters, few companies are ready to invest in ways of bringing that 3D content into living rooms. For example, director James Cameron, an evangelist for 3D film, has announced two home releases of "Avatar," the most successful movie of all time. Neither will come with a 3D option. With such a big name deciding 3D TV isn't ready, many other companies are also taking their time.


Do you have a 3D TV? What do you watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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