Norman Rockwell: Saturday Evening Post artist earns a Google doodle

Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post regular, painted Americans in everyday life. Today is his birthday.

Google screenshot
Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post illustrator, painted many scenes of small-town USA.

The America shown in Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers probably never anticipated a company like Google. But it would no doubt approve of the website's understated tribute today.

In honor of Rockwell's birthday, the search engine replaced its regular logo with a riff on his "Little Spooners," an image of a boy and girl lost in puppy love and enchanted by the setting sun. Such snapshots of American life were the artist's signature style.

For more than four decades, Rockwell painted small-town scenes and idyllic portraits for the covers of the Saturday Evening Post. "Little Spooners," printed April 24, 1926, was among his most popular. Rockwell also illustrated advertisements for the Boy Scouts of America, Coca-Cola, and Ford Motor Company – capturing a quiet, quaint "good ol' days" that many Americans wistfully remember (or at least imagine) today.

Google seems to have accelerated its doodle schedule, delivering more custom banners than in years past. It created 16 special logos last month, although only a few ran in the US. Among them was the first animated doodle: a falling apple in honor of Isaac Newton. Last year, Google gave a nod to H.G. Wells; Wallace and Gromit; E.C. Segar, creator of Popeye the Sailor; and many others.


Which Rockwell illustration is your favorite? "Doctor and Doll," where an amenable doctor checks up on his young patient's doll? "The Three Umpires" peering at the clouds, wondering if rain will wash out the baseball game? "Rosie the Riveter"? A different selection? Let us know in the comments below. And follow us on Twitter for more news and explainers.

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