Droid's 'girly' ads taunt iPhone

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Sequins? The Droid is not girly like the iPhone, a new ad proclaims.
Verizon Wireless/Newscom

It seems like a fight that's dragging long into the late rounds, but we fear the bout between Droid and iPhone is just getting warmed up.

Thursday night prime-time TV saw the Droid camp premiere its latest spot, an anti-iPhone swipe (that never says iPhone, but the writing's on the wall) that is certain to appeal to the "He-man Women-Haters" set.

"Should a phone be pretty?" the spot asks at open. Well, yes – or, at least it should be well-designed. (You use it, after all, more often than your toothbrush or wallet.)

The rest is almost not even worth going into. Is the iPhone "clueless"? A "tiara-wearing digitally clueless beauty pageant queen"? We don't think so. And neither do the millions of purchasers (and 2 billion downloaded apps)  it's seen in just over two years of existence.

The Droid ad follows a series of teasers, including the much talked-about Stealth spot that caused quite a stir. If it wasn't clear before, this latest ad proves that Motorola and Verizon aren't going after the sequined phone case set.

Droid, in its first month of sales, is doing well – more than 250,000 were sold in its initial week alone, and Motorola looks on track to meet its goal of selling a million units by the end of the quarter.

The iPhone-Droid rivalry is reflected in a war between the two's carriers. AT&T and Verizon this week agreed to drop lawsuits that had sprung out of a bubbling ad spat over 3G coverage.


Eying a Droid? How do the ads affect your decision-making process? Leave a comment or find us on Twitter – we're @CSMHorizonsBlog.

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