Droid app rejected by competitors at Apple

Apple slaps a rejected label on the iDroid app, effectively a glorified commercial for the recently-released Verizon Droid.

Brendan McDermid/Reuters
Pictured is the Verizon Droid. A recent iDroid app for the iPhone – a competitor device – was nixed by the folks at the Apple App Store.

Yesterday, Apple rejected the iDroid app, a piece of iPhone freeware intended to drum up interest in the Verizon Droid. According to TechCrunch, the iDroid app was developed by Swavv apps, the same company responsible for such hits as "Spin the Bottle Pro."

Well, it makes sense. Coca-Cola sure isn't going to let Pepsi buy space on the side of its 12-packs. Ford wouldn't allow Porsche to display adverts on the side of its pick-up trucks. And Apple doesn't want Verizon running roughshod over its App Store.

Here's a description of the app, courtesy of TechCrunch:

The iDroid didn’t do much. It didn’t replicate any Droid features or take over any functionality of the iPhone (that would have made it a worthwhile app). All it did was display the glowing red Droid eye. If you tapped on the eye, it then showed some marketing bullet points about the competing phone such as the fact that it can run simultaneous apps and has a slide-out keyboard (something the iPhone lacks). The second page also shows a picture of the Droid with its keyboard out.

Not exactly the kind of thing that would put Apple out of business. Still, unlike the other programs that have been rejected in the past – “Me So Holy,” "Zombie School," the Google Voice app, etc. – iDroid is obviously the sort of thing eligible for the ax.

Here's a question: Will iDroid make it onto AppRejections.com? As we wrote recently, App Rejections was created to help developers keep track of all the rejection slips Apple has been dishing out.

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