Google, four times over (or more) allows users to conduct four Google searches at once. Is that three Google searches too many? You tell us.

Google, Google, Google, Google. Say that four times fast. Or just sign on to

Well, it's not exactly of the same caliber as the Chuck Norris Google stunt. But you've got to hand it to the creator of – he or she certainly managed to churn up a lot of Google buzz.

By early Wednesday afternoon, the phrase Googlegooglegooglegoogle had rocketed across the Web, leaving a horde of confused onlookers in its wake. Was this monstrous mash of letters merely the frantic typing of a million vacationing schoolchildren? Or did a horde of Google-happy monkeys break loose from the local zoo?

Neither, actually. Instead, the search phrase was an attempt to get to a new site – – which allows users to conduct four searches at once. We're not sure what exactly you'd want this function for, but maybe there are folks out there unsatisfied by a simple Google search.

Maybe they want more. Maybe they want four. Maybe they want four at once. Who are we to judge?

How many times can you type the word Google? Talk to us in the comments section, or on Twitter. We're @CSMHorizonsBlog.

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