Sesame Street at 40: Our favorite clips

For Big Bird's birthday, we picked 11 of our favorite clips from Sesame Street's 40-year run.

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For Sesame Street's 40th birthday, First Lady Michelle Obama poses with Big Bird and friends.

Sesame Street is 40, as we were reminded this morning by a Google Doodle of Big Bird's legs, and what better way to celebrate than to look back at the memorable moments from the show's history? is sponsoring a vote on viewers' favorite episodes, but we went to YouTube to bring you our staff picks. Here's a small sampling of our favorite Sesame Street clips from over the years:

12: This crazy clip of an animated pinball machine helped kids count to 12 in fantastic fashion.

The "Yip Yip" Martians: They discovered everyday objects with a comic curiosity that kept us laughing. Here, they meet a telephone as only they can.

Batty Bat: The Count is one of our favorite Sesame Street characters. Here, with the help of his fanged friends, he reminds us of his favorite dance step: The Batty Bat.

Honkers: Who hasn't wished their nose wasn't more like these guys'? Here, the Honkers help the Count count to 20.

Doin the Pigeon: Bert, the less amiable but just as lovable half of the dynamic Bert & Ernie duo, has a special place in his heart for that most lowly of urban inhabitants, the pigeon. Here, he gets down with his favorite feathered friends.

Vintage opening: This clip, from show 2178, shows one of the show's early intro sequences, complete with running kids, a Big Bird cameo, and that old familiar tune.

C is for Cookie: Though the Cookie Monster has recently toned down his fanaticism for cookies (some were concerned he was encouraging obesity), this is vintage cookie-crazed Cookie Monster. Favorite line: "Hey, you know what? A round cookie with one bite out of it looks like a C."

Rubber Ducky: In one of the catchiest (and hardest to get out of your head) tunes from Sesame Street's run, Ernie sings about his favorite bath-time pal, his trusty yellow rubber duck. But you've been warned: once you watch this, it'll be in your head for the rest of the day.

Feist sings 1234: Some of the most fun clips feature celebrities dropping in on Sesame Street. Here, singer Feist leads a custom version of her song 1234 with a (if you're not familiar, you'll remember it from those iPod ads) with a troop of furry friends.

Stevie Wonder's Superstition: Sesame Street has long featured some of the most popular artists of the day. Here, Stevie Wonder and his band play a rendition of their hit "Superstition" that's a good as any other. This is one of our faves.

Michelle Obama visits: As the show has advanced in age, so has its ability to attract big names to help spread its message. Here, First Lady Michelle Obama reminds kids (and her friend Elmo) of the importance of a healthy diet and staying active.

Have a favorite clip we didn't feature? Drop us the link in the comments, and be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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