Google Halloween versus Bing Halloween. Who wins?

Google Halloween or Bing Halloween? The future of civilization may rest on it.

Google Halloween versus Bing Halloween -- who wins? It's a battle for the ages, just like Count Chocula versus Frankenberry.

A Google Halloween or a Bing Halloween? That's the question.

No, it's probably not

Count ChoculaFrankenberry

Google and Bing are in a battle for Halloween supremacy today as both search engines tweaked their respective home pages to commemorate the holiday.

Google changes their logo all the time to recognize holidays, birthdays, and weird stuff. So, it's not a surprise that they've done it today.

Bing offers a new image every day. So, the Halloween photo today? Expected.

In terms of search volume, of course, there's no competition. Google clobbers all comers -- although Bing is trying mightily to take a bite of that pie.

Creativity wins

But in terms of commemorating a holiday, it's a more even playing field. It's a creativity contest.

Google goes for the more traditional approach by replacing their logo with pieces of Halloween candy. Pieces, you say? Do you only see one offering of candy? Well, click the logo again. And again. They present four different home page displays.

Bing, on the other hand, has a more menacing character on its home page. No, not Dick Cheney, but a vampire bat with plenty of "hot spots" where you can find more spooky information about Halloween stuff.

And the winner is...

What do web users prefer?

You could say it's a battle of good versus evil. Happy little Halloween candies against a flying, blood-sucking beast.

If you listen in to Twitter -- who has sadly decided


"Today at least, Bing's homepage image is cooler than Google's," tweets chivalrybean.

Amantedellapa echoes those thoughts. "Halloween Page? over by a long long mile. Larry, Sergey and crew - not even trying!"

Zebb not only agrees, but he's rubbing it in. "@Google search Halloween image is the weakest they have ever had, glad I switched to @bing."

Epic battle

Sure Google has the overwhelming majority of search traffic, but Bing appears to be the big winner the very important Halloween home page image contest thingy.

Maybe Bing is the Google-killer after all...

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