Xbox product boss: The PS3 doesn't have a chance

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg says he is confident that the Xbox 360 will outsell the Sony PlayStation 3 in 2010.

A recent Sony PS3 title. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg says he doesn't see much future for Sony's top-of-the-line console.

Don't mess with Aaron Greenberg.

In a recent interview, the director of product management for Microsoft's Xbox 360 said he wasn't concerned about the market gains expected to be posted by Sony in September. In fact, he's downright optimistic.

Speaking to Game Informer magazine, Greenberg called Sony fall figures "not a real concern to us."

"What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation," Greenberg said. "It is similar to a game of baseball, it is not about just winning one inning, but instead being able to win the game by consistently delivering across all nine innings."

At the beginning of September, Sony sliced the price of the 80 gigabyte PlayStation 3 to $299, and rolled out a lighter PS3 Slim, which comes equipped with a 120 GB hard drive. The price drop is expected to spur on sales of the PlayStation 3 through the holiday rush.

The Sony move was mirrored by Nintendo, which recently began selling the Nintendo Wii for just under 200 bucks. In a statement released this fall, Nintendo said the new price tag would make the top-selling system “even more appealing.”

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