Obama Nobel Peace Prize chatter floods Twitter

Talk of the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded Friday to President Barack Obama, nearly overloaded the circuitry of the popular social networking site.

President Barack Obama leaves the Rose Garden at the White House after winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. News of Obama's win flooded the Internet today, as some critics wondered if the whole thing was a joke. Others were overjoyed.

The announcement that President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize sent tremors rippling across the Web on Friday, as millions of users rushed to air their own thoughts on the award.

And nowhere was the buzz louder than on Twitter, the popular microblogging site, which has shown a propensity to slow down at times of heavy traffic. Thus far, news of the Obama Peace Prize win hasn't sunk the Twitter ship.

Still, the site, which is usually devoted on Fridays to the popular TGIF topic, was flooded this afternoon with key words related to President Obama and the Peace Prize. Among them: "Nobel," and "Humbled," a reference to Obama's gracious acceptance speech. (“To be honest, I do not feel I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who have been honored by this prize," Obama said on Friday.)

As of 1:30 p.m. EDT, "Nobel" remains the most popular trending topic, but the "Humbled" posts are the most interesting to read. They range from the very humorous (perryhovermale: "Obama also won the less talked about 'Nobel Cream Pies' award for his work with struggling clowns. He was 'Humbled.' Pie.") to the excited.

"Best Regards, Mr President. Congratulations on Nobel Peace Prize Award!!! Warm Hugs," wrote Carolinka_Cosmo.

Twitter, of course, is always one of the busiest places on the Web. It's also one of the noisiest. As we reported yesterday, Google and Microsoft Bing are reportedly considering partnering with Twitter, to provide real-time search results for users the world over.

Well, hey, it would certainly make sifting through all this Obama Nobel Peace Prize news that much easier.

Moon bombing videos, pictures hit web

On Friday, NASA sent two projectiles spiraling into the Cabeus crater – an endeavor that the agency hopes will confirm that water in the frigid crater is there concentrated as ice. We won't know the results for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we've got the LCROSS videos. And lots of 'em.


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