iPhone 3.1.2 OS billed by Apple as a bug-killer

Apple promises new update will cut down on crashes, comas

A user accesses an application on an Apple iPhone. Apple made the iPhone 3.1.2 OS update available today.

Apple today made available an update to the iPhone operating system, which it says will improve performance on the best-selling phone. The 3.1.2 update, which can be accessed by launching iTunes and checking for system updates, is being billed as a bug-killer.

Most importantly, the new OS apparently resolves the "coma" bug – a glitch that caused the iPhone to go to sleep for long periods of time. Apple said that the 3.1.2 update would also address a bug that caused occasional crashes during video streaming, and an issue with the interruption of cellular network services.

3.1.2 OS packs a relatively hefty weight – it will take up 306.2 MB of drive space.

In September, Apple released an MMS update for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S – a long-awaited functionality that brought photo messaging technology to the best-selling smart phones. But the MMS unveiling, as we noted, didn't exactly go smoothly.

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