There's a map for that: New Verizon ad one-ups AT&T

'Can you hear me now' is old news. Meet Verizon's new catchphrase.

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There's a map for that: Verizon claims it has five times the 3G wireless coverage of AT&T in a new ad.

Tired of all this Verizon-AT&T back and forth? There's a nap for that.

Though already the owners of an advertising campaign that became a catchphrase – can you hear me now? – Verizon has decided to go after AT&T's.

In a spot that ran during Monday Night Football on ESPN, Verizon took direct aim at the ubiquitous "there's an app for that" iPhone ads, poking holes in AT&T's 3G wireless network coverage.

The claim, that Verizon offers five times the 3G coverage as AT&T, is supported by red and blue coverage maps. Verizon's map shows a US overlaid with red coverage, with much of the South and Great Plains notably blanketed. AT&T's coverage is blue, and noticeably more threadbare. (Though after last election season, wouldn't blue have been a better choice for the home team?)

The ad comes as a few notable chinks have formed in the AT&Ts iPhone's armor. Single-carrier iPhone exclusivity is ending in Canada and Britain. Apple is likely seeing dollar signs as it considers dropping AT&T's US exclusivity. Verizon and Google are teaming up. And let's not forget the iPhone MMS update fiasco (that AT&T says was a great success.)

Verizon is no-doubt looking to capitalize on all of these, hoping that even though it doesn't have the handset from Cupertino, it can hook would-be iPhone buyers on more reliable coverage.

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Watch the ad below and leave a comment: what's more important to you – solid nationwide coverage or a specific phone model? And be sure to catch up with us on Twitter.

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