Craigslist goes down: apartment hunting, job searching comes to a halt

Craigslist, the Internet classified site, went down this afternoon – and it's still down for some people.

If you were trying to search for apartments, free stuff, a job, or a pair of Red Sox tickets, you may have had a hard time finding them this afternoon.

That's because Craigslist, the Internet classified site, went down this afternoon for a few hours – and for some areas of the country the site is still struggling to load.

A bunch of Tweets began circulating the Internet this afternoon asking if the site was down and if others were experiencing Craiglist withdrawal.

ceseco: Not sure if I'm the only one but looks like CraigsList is down down down... that bytes..

JaysonElliot Both and are down - and it's not just me. What's going on today?

friedoxygen Craigslist is down. I have two jobs that require this site to function. What do I do now?

What now?

It looks like the site is now loading in certain areas (Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Indiana worked around 3:45 pm EST, but The UK and the Caribbean didn't load).

Last week, Google News shutdown. Gmail Contacts went berserk. And earlier this month, Gmail shut down for a few hours after a server error.

We'll keep you posted about Craigslist. Until then, browsing through the free stuff will have to wait.


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Is Craigslist back up for you? Let us know below or follow us @CSMHorizonsBlog.

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