Google video chalked up ten billion clicks in August

Things are looking up for Google's video efforts.

Under pressure to justify its 2006, $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, Google posted a strong video traffic showing in August – dominating rivals such as Viacom, Microsoft, and Hulu by an enormous margin. According to tracking firm comScore, Google sites earned more than 10 billion video views last month alone, accounting for 40 percent of the total market share.

Compare that to the 547 million video views on all Microsoft sites (a 2.2 percent market share); the 539 million videos viewed on Viacom sites (a 2.1 percent share); and the 488 million video views on Hulu (1.9 percent of the market share).

99 percent of the videos viewed on Google sites were hosted by YouTube.

As for regular search – Google hasn't shown any signs that it will loosen its stranglehold in that department, either. Bing, the search engine rolled out by Microsoft this spring, captured an additional .4 percent of the US search market in August, according to tracking firm Nielsen. That modest gain put Bing at a 9.3 percent share overall. Google, by comparison, holds 64.6 percent.


iPhone MMS update makes AT&T happy. The users? Not so much.

Despite a deluge of complaints – some of them posted right here on this blog – AT&T says it is pleased with the roll-out of the long-awaited MMS update for the Apple iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. On Friday, the update was released to iPhone owners across the country, temporarily putting serious strain on the network. Read more here.


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