Our completely anecdotal guide to the iPhone MMS update

Chill, dude. We'll get that MMS update to you eventually.

Today, Apple released an MMS update for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S – a long-awaited functionality that brought photo messaging technology to the best-selling smart phones. But many folks predicted that AT&T wasn't going to be able to handle the strain that a picture-messaging service would put on the network.

And now we have proof. Well, sort of. It's not like we took a poll or anything. Mostly, we just have the comments from our readers – more than 220 in all. The comments come from all corners of the country, and although we wouldn't subject this post to academic peer-review, the data does provide a pretty interesting snapshot of what iPhone users are experiencing.

Bottom line: A good number of folks are having trouble sending MMS messages. What follows is a random sampling of unedited comments:

• MMS is working as of 10:26 in Seattle (PST)
• … not yet in Seattle as of 10:30 AM
• mms here in vermont yay!!
• MMS up and running in Ohio
• Updated my phone at 10:44 AM California but I still cant send MMS.
• 1:45 Eastern- no MMS Cleveland OH

• I have been able to only send 2 picture messages and 1 video after 20 tries, Looks to me as if they are having issues

• As of 1057 pacific standard time, MMS is available in California.
• Message Send Failure?? Whats wrong??
• I rebooted phone I can send them, but it sends as message send failure so it doesnt go through.. Hellllp..
I’m in Orange County, CA.
• i updated and i can send pictures fine but all my apps wont work i press on them then they close within a second
Cincinnati 6:15PM. Received carrier update, rebooted phone, wifi is off, can see mms functions, but still unable to send.
• I got it here in DALLAS TEXAS. but it’s super sloww
• Update from Grand Rapids, MI (EST): Tried with my wifi off with no better results. Still Message Send Failure. I think CSM should change the title to “iPhone MMS update HAS crashed network, as shown by continual, widespread failures”



Does MMS work for you? Tell us in the comments, or head over to Twitter – we’re @CSMHorizonsBlog.

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