Blago seeks to spruce up his image on the Web

Paul Beaty/AP
In this file photo, Former First Lady of Illinois Patti Blagojevich and ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich joke with the media while daughters Annie and Amy look on. 'Governor Ron' has a new website, which proclaims his innocence.

Nothing is ever drab in the world of Rod Blagojevich.

Charged with 16 counts of corruption – including wire fraud, extortion conspiracy, racketeering conspiracy, attempted extortion, and making false statements to federal agents – Blagojevich says he's merely the target of an elaborate set-up. And instead of bowing under the pressure, the former governor of Illinois has embraced it, guest-starring in a musical and doing his best Elvis at a crowded block party in Chicago. He's even got a new book on the way, which will be published in September. (It's called "The Governor"; there's still time to reserve a copy through Amazon.)

Of course, as Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, and Jon and Kate know, it's a Web world, and the Internet is where a person's image can really be burnished. Or where it can really, and truly, be torn to shreds. It depends on where you're standing. So the latest from Blagojevich is a new website, As the site proclaims, Blagojevich no longer plans to "[hold] back. He's not playing politics or playing nice. He's simply speaking his mind and telling the truth! And, even as he awaits trial, he's making history and headlines... as a champion for ordinary Americans."

What does tell us about the man, the legend, the alleged criminal? Well, under the heading of "Events of note from Rod," the website reveals that "Rod Blagojevich plans to organize or stage events to empower people." No events are forthcoming, but the site advises us to stay tuned. Elsewhere, a section at one point identified as "Lighting Rod" (sic – apparently was meant to read "Lightning Rod") promises a run-down of "topics that’ll get you talking and at times makes you mad!" (The good news for "Lighting Rod" [sic]: somewhere, there are already a few enraged copy editors.)

"The former governor is passionate about many issues," announces. "It just burns him to see politicians mislead or lie to the American public. And he loves to call them out whether it’s in Illinois or in Washington." Of course Governor Rod is not immune to the media firestorm surrounding his career. That's why he has developed a special subsection for clips. It's entitled "Rod in the News." Unfortunately, you won't find much about all that corruption nonsense here. This clip-file is pretty spare. There's only one link, and it leads straight to the Elvis nonsense.

Well, you have to start somewhere.


Governor, are you out there? If so, drop us a line below, or on Twitter.

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