Star Wars fans, may the crowd-source be with you

Amateur filmmakers are recreating 472 scenes from the film "Star Wars: A New Hope." Some of the scenes featuring Luke Skywalker are filmed in stop-motion animation.

Last week, we wrote about the first crowd-sourced animated short. This week, there's a new crowd-sourcing project in the works, Star Wars: Uncut.

The project has enlisted Star Wars fans to recreate 472 scenes, each spliced into 15-second clips, from the film "Star Wars: A New Hope." Participants can choose up to three scenes to film and have 30 days to upload their new work to the site.

The person behind this Star Wars remake, is Casey Pugh, who calls himself a "Technologistioner" and says he spends most of his time uploading videos to Star Wars: Uncut and Vimeo, an online video sharing service.

So far, 80 finished scenes including a stop-motion animated clip featuring Luke Skywalker and people dressed up as C-3PO and wearing gorilla masks pretending to be wookies, have been uploaded to the site. Some filmmakers have found new uses for old Star Wars toys and memorabilia from fake lightsabers to LEGOs. The site shows that fans have already claimed the 472 scenes that will make up the entire crowd-sourced flick. But don't worry – Pugh has released the scenes again to allow people to recreate multiple versions.

After all the 472 scenes from the movie are filmed, Pugh plans to release a full version online and maybe even a DVD.

Watch a recreated scene in stop-motion animation below.

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 437 from Nirav Patel on Vimeo.

What are your thoughts on the first crowd-sourced Star Wars film? Leave a comment below or follow us on Twitter.

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