Gawker is down. What's a blog monger to do?

Screengrab from

Timber! The blog reports came rolling in Monday.

Gizmodo: down. Lifehacker: down. Kotaku: down. The whole Gawker network: down.

As of this reporting, the sites are loading – but at a snail's pace. posted a simple acknowledgment this afternoon.

If You Can Read This Post, You're One of the Lucky Few

It always seems pretty pointless to put up a post on a website to say that that site's down. But to state the obvious: all Gawker Media sites are having really bad server problems today. It's not just you.

Web empires such as Gawker's rarely face such crippling outages. Big blackouts are normally the affliction of sudden successes – think Twitter last year – or minor blogs swapped by traffic directed from one of Gawker's many sister sites.

As Gizmodo, Consumerist, io9, Jezebel, and all the others scramble to recover, this is a good time to remind readers of The site pings servers to see if the site is actually out of order, or just wacky for you.

Try it out (and maybe Gawker will be working again by the time you read this):


Check us out on Twitter, unless the Fail Whale strikes again.

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