AppsFire: A new way to share iPhone picks

Do you have a favorite iPhone app?

A new program, AppsFire, which had a limited opening yesterday, makes it easy to recommend your top pick with friends who own an iPhone or iPod Touch.

AppsFire can be downloaded on any Mac (PC capability coming soon, according to the AppsFire website.) The free program then scans your apps through iTunes and displays them on a private AppsFire webpage. Once the apps are loaded to the page, users can select any app to share from their collection. Apps can be recommended by email, social networks such as Twitter, by linking to your private AppsFire webpage, or by creating a widget. When someone clicks on the recommended app, they are transported to the iTunes App Store, where they can download it (users will have to pay for any apps that aren't free). If you're curious, here's a video that shows how AppsFire works.

In his blog, AppsFire's co-creator Ouriel Ohayon, explains that he created this software "out of personal frustration" and because people kept asking him to recommend apps. Because of the increasing number of iPhone apps available for download – there are more than 50,000 in the iTunes App Store – Mr. Ohayon teamed up with French iPhone application developer Yann Lechelle to devise a search tool that would add "a social layer to [the] iTunes App Store."

Eventually, AppsFire, which has opened the private Alpha software to the first 1,000 users, plans to launch its own iPhone app, according to TechCrunch.


What are your favorite apps? Let us know here, or on Twitter.

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