New iPhones will ship on time, reports say

Ever since Apple unveiled its sparkling new iPhone 3G S, speculation has been high that the company would be unable to deliver a pre-order run of the device by the promised date of June 19. But new reports indicate that there will be no shortage on Apple's side of the equation.

As Apple Insider notes, "the company's website continues to take pre-orders for the product without reservation, informing users that their new phone will be shipped to arrive on time on the 19th, with free shipping to boot."

At the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco this month, Apple introduced the 3G S – the "S" standing for speed. The new iteration of the iPhone comes with a video camera, a 3-megapixel camera, and voice controls. It is said to be significantly speedier than the plain ole' iPhone 3G. Apple is lowering the price of the current model 3G to $99, with a contract.

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