Google CEO: Bing nothing to worry about, yet

In an interview today with Fox Business Network, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said he wasn't yet worried about Bing, the new search tool rolled out by Microsoft late last month. "It's not the first entry for Microsoft. They do this about once a year," he said. "I don't think Bing's arrival has changed what we're doing. We are about search, we're about making things enormously successful, by virtue of innovation."

On Friday, StatCounter reported that Microsoft’s Bing had temporarily edged ahead of Yahoo, briefly capturing second place in the scuffle for search engine bragging rights. And today, comScore, an Internet analytics company, published a study showing more strong gains for Microsoft, just a week after Bing was unveiled. But Yahoo and Bing are still trailing Google by significant margins, and neither is seen as likely to knock the search giant off its perch any time soon.

Bing has been greeted warmly by reviewers and users. Earlier today, Search Engine Roundtable, a popular blog, published the results of an anonymous poll of its readers, with 70 percent saying they liked Microsoft's latest search engine. Schmidt acknowledged Bing's potential, but seemed to dismiss it as a different kind of tool.

"Google is about getting all the information and organizing it," he said. "Yahoo has a different strategy. We think ultimately Bing will evolve to a different strategy as well."

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