How to make a Klingon forehead in 7 easy steps, and other Trekkie news

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With any luck, this Klingon will get to the theater in time for the 'Star Trek' premiere.

Resistance is futile.

On the brink of an expected blockbuster opening weekend for the new "Star Trek" flick (read the Monitor's review), the marketplace is being flooded with all manner of Trekkie tie-ins – toys, gizmos, books, online movies, and mobile phone applications. Starry-eyed already? Here are a couple of our favorites:

• The "Star Trek" game for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. It's a basic point-and-click side-scrolling shooter, but for less than three bucks, the graphics are pretty lush, and the sound effects absorbing.
• The Star Trek USB Communicator, which replicates Captain Kirk's device from the original series. The next-gen gizmo allows users to access Skype, AIM, and iChat through a built-in mic and speaker.
• An official "Star Trek" phone, from Nokia. This one's only for folks in Europe, and comes equipped with all manner of Trekkie wallpaper, ringtones, and other assorted gadgetry.
• A "somewhat accurate guide for making any forehead appliance/headpiece," by Mark "Liam" Collins. Plenty of us have experienced the problem: we want to dress up as our favorite Klingon, but don't want to shell out for an ungainly store-bought item. Mr. Collins can help: his seven step guide is perfect for the beginner or the master Trekkie.

Beam me up.

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