Apple yanks incriminating advertisement

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Is Apple rolling out a 3G laptop? All signs point to yes.

It's not what you think.

Earlier today, Computerworld reported that Apple was "looking to hire [engineers] to test Macintosh hardware with 3G wireless WAN cards." The gig was with the Mac Hardware Group, and according to Computerworld, which reproduced some of the advertisement on its site, Apple was in search of folks who could:

[Test] and [report] hardware, software, and device driver bugs for Communications technologies including AirPort (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth v2.0, gigabit Ethernet, and/or 3G Wireless WAN in a detailed, timely manner.

The key here is the "3G Wireless WAN" bit, which might mean that Apple is close to the launch of a line of laptops with built-in 3G radios. For the non-geeks: the new generation of iPhones can run on the 3G network, allowing users to get online in a wide variety of areas, even without a traditional wireless connection. If Apple was rolling that tech out to the laptops, it would be big news.

But just a few hours ago, Apple yanked down the advertisement, which used to live here. Back to living off the grist of the rumor mill for us....

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