Will March be iMac month?

Screen grab from BoingBoing.net
A teasing mock-up of an upcoming Mac Mini.

Are we there yet?

A few months have passed since Apple announced any big updates to its lineup. Somehow, this absence of news has sparked headlines. The hungry Apple press corp is down on all fours, sniffing out even dubious leads.

Two relatively small Apple sites last weekend posted that the company will hold a press conference on March 24. These "anonymous tips" hinted at new desktop hardware. Rumors already pointed to new iMacs, Mac Minis, and maybe high-end Mac Pros.

"It's as clear as it gets in the Apple rumor business that if you're in the market for one of the company's iMacs, it's probably worth waiting a few weeks," writes CNET's Tom Krazit this morning.

Plausible-looking images of the Minis emerged a few weeks ago. But, as with all Apple gossip, looks can be deceiving. We blogged many months ago about the amazing artistic talent of Mac fans. They've "leaked" images of fictional a MacTablets, large-screen Video iPods, even Mac toilets.

This year brings new phenomenal frauds.

My favorite is this video of the mind-controlled iPhone Everything:

After blurry photos suggested that the upcoming Mac Mini will sport five USB ports, a user on BoingBoing ribbed the oddly high count with a prototype that touts 17. See above.

Perhaps the only other brand that inspires such artistic expressions of fanhood is the PlayStation Portable. Recent rumblings that Sony is cooking up a PSP2 has many video gamer brainstorming. Click through the gallery above to see three masterful faux-prototypes. One even combines the best of fanboy worlds: a Sidekick-like PSP with Applesque interface.

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