CES preshow highlights

The Consumer Electronics Show doesn't technically start until Thursday, but announcements are already flowing. This enormous trade show – the Super Bowl for technology reporters – sets the gadget tone for the rest of the year, and often years to come. Here are some of the sleak machines, software, and spectacles that have leaked out so far.

Kodak Zx1 video camera
The old photo pros unveiled their second impressive mini camcorder. The earlier Kodak Zi6 miniature camera had a lot of great features, but was ultimately upstaged by the competing Flip Video Camera, which earned the "most fun device" of 2008 from Monitor columnist Tom Regan. Kodak's new entry fits a 720p HD video camera into a cellphone-sized case that's 30 percent smaller than the Zi6's frame. New additions include HDMI cable support (the premium connection for HDTVs), improved video in dim lighting, and better memory card features. The camera will arrive in April for $149.95. More info at CNET.

Netflix comes to LG televisions
Horizons covered the announcement and the analysis of LG's new web-enabled TVs earlier. Here's the link.

Motorola's phone built from recycled bottles
Dubbed the "world's first carbon-neutral mobile phone," the Renew touts recycled plastic pieces that use 20 percent less energy to produce, compared with normal manufacturing processes, according to the company. Keeping with the theme, the phone conserves energy through extended battery life and arrives in a more compact box with recycled-paper brochures. Computerworld has more.

New generation of tiny laptops, thanks to AMD's Neo processor
Netbooks gained a lot of ground in 2008. And CES will feature tons of tiny laptops to keep the trend rolling. Though not technically a netbook, the 12-inch HP Pavilion dv2 will be the first to feature AMD's Neo processor, a chip designed for ultraportable, low-energy PCs. Ars Technica has the full story.

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