Horizon highlights – Tech history edition

Our regular roundup of sci-tech stories from across the Web includes: recent milestones and retrospectives. Let’s kick it off:

Music biz: Digital sales surpass CDs at Atlantic
"Since MP3s first became popular a decade ago, music industry executives have obsessed over this question: when would digital music revenue finally surpass compact disc sales? For Atlantic Records, the label that in years past has delivered artists like Ray Charles, John Coltrane and Led Zeppelin, that time, apparently, is now." (via New York Times)

What goes up: Windows market share dives below 90 percent for first time
"Microsoft Corp.'s Windows OS last month took its biggest market share dive in the past two years, erasing gains made in two of the past three months and sending the operating system's share under 90 percent for the first time, an Internet measurement company reported today." (via Computer World)

E-celebrity: Internet meme timeline
From "Burt is evil" to "Leave Britney alone" to "RickRolls," this interactive timeline walks through many of the online smashes that got more than their fair 15 minutes of fame. (via Dipity)

Exhibit: The history of PC hardware, in pictures
"For example, did you know that the first 'portable' computer weighed 25 kg (55 lb.) and cost close to $20,000, that the first laser printer was big enough to fill up most of a room, or that you basically had to build the first Apple computer yourself? This article takes a look at the time when the computer equipment we now take for granted was invented and what it looked like back then." (via Royal Pingdom)

Mighty mouse: Logitech celebrates its one billionth mouse, but the party might end soon
"At the dawn of the new era of user interfaces that is bound to end the reign of the mighty computer mouse, Logitech is celebrating the production of its one billionth mouse." Included is a massive timeline of the evolution of the computer mouse. (via Gadget Lab)

Photo gallery: Hubble Space Telescope Advent calendar 2008
"As we head into the traditional western holiday season, I'd like to present this Hubble Space Telescope imagery Advent calendar. Every day for the next 25 days, a new photo will be revealed here from the amazing Hubble Space Telescope. As I take this chance to share these images of our amazing universe with you, I wish for a happy holiday to all those who will celebrate, and for peace on Earth to everyone." (via Boston Globe)

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