Cyber Monday? Meh.

Yes, today's the day, the Monday after Thanksgiving, when online shoppers supposedly shirk their responsibilities at work and fill online shopping carts with goodies for the approaching gift-giving season. ZOMG! Buy buy buy!!!1

Come on. This is 2008. We're not using Netscape or paying for AOL. Do we really need a manufactured phenomenon like Cyber Monday to find sales online? Savvy shoppers should know about the great websites that don't wait for seasons, sales, or the National Retail Federation's blessing. Here are a few favorites:

The Consumerist runs a daily "Morning Deals" feature that highlights some of the best coupon codes and limited-time bargains out there. This writer recently scored a snazzy new golf club for 67 percent off retail, with free shipping. In addition, the site is a great resource for ideas on resolving sticky customer service situations.

ShopItToMe does the sale-rack digging for you. Supply the site with your measurements and a few preferred brands and they'll send you an email a couple times a week highlighting products that have just gone on sale. And unlike clearance clothing sites like Sierra Trading Post (itself a venerable weapon in the online deal-finder's arsenal) where great deals are sometimes only available in XXXL and XXS, all of the deals presented in ShopItToMe's emails are for items available in your size. A committed holiday shopper could set up an alert for everyone on their gift list.

Dealhack, FatWallet, and Buxr each offer different takes on "social bargain hunting." Visitors form communities of savvy shoppers, sniffing out the best deals and passing along elusive coupons and promotional codes.

In these lean times, coupon sites like these are thriving. Got a favorite that's not mentioned here? Hit up the comments box and pass it along.

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