Horizon highlights – Black Friday edition

Our regular roundup of sci-tech stories from across the Web includes: A tour of holiday guides and two thought-provoking articles to take your mind off shopping. Let’s kick it off:

Flashy: Pogue-O-Matic
A very well orchestrated gadget-choosing guide from columnist David Pogue. [via The New York Times]

Grab bag: Wired's Wish List 2008
What to give? What to get? Wired's guide to the perfect personal tech holiday. [via Wired]

Live web TV: Holiday Help Desk
CNET's annual live broadcast of recommendations, reviews, and reader questions. Airs Friday, Nov. 28, from 8 am to 6 pm PST. [via CNET]

Responsible tech: Delivering Green Hydroelectric Power-to-Go in Rwanda
"As scientists and engineers puzzle over how to inexpensively deliver thin-film photovoltaic solar cells, wave and tidal powered turbines, hydrogen-fueled cars, and other advanced technologies to reduce world dependence on fossil fuels, a team of college engineering students is working on a decidedly lower-tech, though no less difficult, project they hope will bring hydroelectric power to remote areas of the African country of Rwanda." [via Scientific American]

Illustrative: Structures Smaller than Light
"The elegant ribbon drawings that became standard depictions of proteins originated in the sketches of Jane S. Richardson, now a professor of biochemistry at Duke University. The schematics Jane and David Richardson created and refined continue to help biologists untangle protein structures – combinations of helices (corkscrew shapes) and strands gathered into sheets—and thus tie form with function." [via American Scientist]

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