Horizon highlights — Obama's web strategy, shooting the moon, and a wearable motorcycle

E-PoliticsHow Obama really did it
"The social-networking strategy that took an obscure senator to the doors of the White House." [via Technology Review]

SpaceNASA's plan to bomb the moon and find water
"Short on time and tight on money, a team of NASA engineers aims to solve the mystery of lunar ice in late winter – by crashing its low-budget kamikaze spacecraft into a crater." [via Popular Mechanics]
From the Monitor's archiveWill US-Russia tensions extend to space?: "International cooperation in human spaceflight may be facing its toughest test since the cold war. The immediate concern: Will US astronauts be able to ride Russian rockets between 2010, when the last shuttle is retired, and 2015, when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration expects to launch a replacement?"

Autovation – Video: A wearable motorcycle
"Jake Loniak is a college junior, he's also the inventor of one of the most innovative concept vehicles we've seen in ages. Inside: the electric exoskeleton motorcycle and an exclusive video of the beast in action." [via Popular Science]

Olympic techShould technology be allowed to tumble records?
"25 world records have fallen, compared with eight at the Athens Olympics four years ago. Seven of them were broken by one swimmer, Michael Phelps of the US, while the UK's Rebecca Adlington improved on the 800 metres freestyle record – unchallenged for 19 years – by more than two seconds." [via New Scientist]
From the Monitor's archiveIn Olympian swimsuits, threads of history: "The full-body LZR Racer is seen as a breakthrough in reducing drag. Suits have changed dramatically in recent decades."

Size mattersConsumers upgrade, but to smaller TVs
"Americans are not just switching to smaller cars. They are also buying smaller TVs. Sales of 19-, 22- and 32-inch televisions were responsible for much of a notable 52 percent year-over-year increase in LCD TV shipments to retailers in the second quarter." [via NYTimes]

Alt energy – Video: Vertical WindSpire turbine promises 100% energy output
"One of the companies that seem to be making real headway in [the wind power] market is Mariah Power, with a propeller-free vertical axis windmill called the WindSpire." [via Wired]
From the Monitor's archiveNew rays of hope for solar power’s future: As the first commercial “concentrating solar power” or CSP plant built in 17 years, Nevada Solar One marks the reemergence and updating of a decades-old technology that could play a large new role in US power production, many observers say.

Optical illusionsMoving wave
A dazzling illusion created by A. Kitaoka. You may see more graphics at his website. [via 3 Quarks Daily]
From the Monitor's ArchiveA 3-D look down the RabbitHole: "It’s new technology developed by RabbitHoles Media that enables them to display up to 12 seconds of animated holography that is having its 'coming out' with this show."

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