Google's next venture: TV producer?

Google is in talks with Sean Daniel Co. to turn its popular augmented reality video game, Ingress, into a television series, according to a new report.

Screen shot from Ingress game trailer.

Google has seemingly broken into every sector imaginable, so why not try its hand at the small screen? 

According to reports from The Information, Google’s popular augmented reality game, Ingress, may be turned into a television series. The multiplayer game was created by Google’s gaming studio, Niantic Labs, which is supposedly in talks with the production company Sean Daniel Co. to bring the sci-fi video game to life.

The studio was the producer behind “The Mummy” film franchise and the upcoming Syfy series, “The Expanse.”

While Google does not appear to have responded to any requests for comment, producers are "in talks with candidates to serve as its showrunner," according to "two people who have been involved in the discussions" that spoke with The Information.

The tech giant has not announced which television platform will host the show, but it is reportedly considering both traditional TV networks and streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Running on the Android operating system, Ingress is an online role-playing game that requires GPS to participate. Downloaded more than 5 million times, the game involves more social interaction and fresh air than many other smart phone games. Players must go to various real world landmarks, such as a statue or park, and “capture” the objects using a smart phone with different commands. Users even schedule meetups with their teams to complete missions. 

But do not expect Google to wear “production studio” as one of its many hats. 

According to Android Police, Google "isn't particularly interested in cashing in on Ingress' worldwide audience." Android Police speculates that the TV version of the game is likely “a deeper extension into the game's hybrid reality-fictional world and a way to provide a more intimate connection with its players."

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