What secrets does Apple Watch have in store?

Apple will officially unveil Apple Watch tomorrow at Spring Forward. Are there any features we don't know about yet?

Robert Galbraith/Reuters
Apple CEO Tim Cook stands in front of a screen displaying apps available for the Apple Watch at a presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California in this October 16, 2014, file photo. Apple Inc has allowed some companies to test their apps on its yet-to-be-launched Apple Watch and adjust the tools to the watch's design.

Just in time for daylight savings time, Apple Inc., is unveiling Apple Watch at its Spring Forward event on March 9. Announced last September, the watch will be the first new product Apple has launched since the iPad in 2010 and since Tim Cook took over as CEO in 2011.

The product is expected to ship in April, but an exact date is still unknown. Engadget notes that, in the past, Apple has released new products the week following the preview event, which suggests that Apple Watch might be available, if only in a limited release, as early as March 20.

Where can you buy one? Apple stores are currently being remodeled to accommodate the new merchandise, so in the beginning not every store will necessarily have every watch option available. It is also possible that Apple will open pop-up locations in department and jewelry stores.

When the Watch was announced, Apple mentioned $349 as a starting price. However, with 22 different varieties – five Watch Sport, 12 Watch, five Watch Edition – some with two sizing options, prices will undoubtedly vary, particularly when adding in the cost of a wristband. Exact details about the luxury line of Apple Waches are still up in the air, but considering the extent of watch industry, smart watches have a lot of room for expansion in that department.

Apple announced that the Watch’s battery life, a feature that concerned many prospective customers, would last the day but would need to be charged each night. However, the Watch, which is not meant to continuous use like a phone, can supposedly handle up to 5 hours of heavy usage. According to the New York Times, the Watch may also contain a Power Reserve function that would run only the timekeeping feature while not being actively used.

The conference will  most likely reveal more details about how mobile applications will function on the Watch, including Apple Pay and a rumored iPhone companion app and notification center. Customers will also hopefully a sense of whether the Watch will be more of a fashion statement – Apple did have a 12 page ad in Vogue – or a practical gadget.

In addition to Apple Watch, other possible topics of discussion at Spring Forward include a 12-inch Macbook Air, an iPad Pro, iOS 8.2, and a new Apple TV.

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