iOS 7.1.1 update released, amid Apple's likely earnings slowdown

iOS 7.1.1 update hints at future Apple product features that may ameliorate a slow quarter for revenue.

A staff member sets up iPhone 5S handsets for a display picture at Apple Inc's announcement event in Beijing, September 11, 2013. The iPhone 5S runs iOS 7, the new Apple mobile operating system. A second update to the operating system was released this week.

Attention iPhone users: have you been having issues with a lagging fingerprint scanner or your Bluetooth keyboard?

Apple has issued its first update to iOS 7.1, which was released in March. The update fixes bugs that have to do with the fingerprint scanner and Bluetooth, and hint at what future Apple technology could feature, amidst releasing a likely less-than-stellar earnings report on Wednesday.

The update, named iOS 7.1.1, fixes an issue with the fingerprint scanner. Users reportedly felt that the scanner’s sensing ability “faded” over time, which shouldn’t be an issue with the new update. Many believe that Apple is set to release fingerprint scan security on its other flagship devices, such as the iPad, so this update could be seen as another improvement to the tech.

The update also fixes a bug in the Bluetooth keyboard, which had issues when the VoiceOver feature was also enabled, as well as lag in the normal keyboard.

This update comes a month after Apple released iOS 7.1, its first update to its latest operating system. That update brought a slew of upgrades to functions such as the home screen, iTunes Radio, and the Calendar app. It also introduced the new CarPlay app, the vehicle-friendly iOS app that connects iPhones to the digital dashboards of Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Ferrari, and others.

Wednesday was big for Apple for another reason, however. It is set to release its earning reports after markets close and its predictions indicate that it may post its first revenue decline in over a decade. Though according to the Los Angeles Times, analysts think it will squeak by with a gain, that doesn’t mean that its worries are over. Analysts have been dropping their earnings predictions for the company based on predictions that the company is focusing on luxury products over catering to growing emerging markets. Others predict a slowdown in sales for the iPad and iPhones while the company gears up for a new product release in September.

Speaking of, Apple also released an intriguing ad for the iPhone 5S that features the song “Gigantic” by The Pixies. Perhaps a sneaky hint at the rumored bigger screen on the impeding iPhone 6? We’ll have to wait until September to find out.

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