iPhone trade-in programs: Where to sell your old smart phone

Which iPhone trade-in program is best? We’ve broken down the big players in the game to find out how to get the most buck for your phone.


Matt Rourke/AP/File
This July 12, 2013, photo, shows a Wal-Mart, in Bristol, Pa. Wal-Mart is the biggest employer in the US.

Wal-mart is the most recent retailer to hop on the trade-in train, and offers a great option if you're looking to bring in a phone and immediately trade it for a new one. You can walk into the store, have your smart phone device valued by a Wal-mart employee and that value will be put toward any other smart phone that Wal-mart sells. The program is available at more than 3,500 Walmart and Sam's Club locations, and also includes some smart phones on pre-paid plans. However, the pay off may not be as high compared to selling it on your own. But it is good if you are thinking of switching between the iPhone and Android.

Level of ease: Easy. Bring your device in, walk out with a discount on your new smart phone purchase.

Estimated trade-in value: $50 to $300

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