Smart watches: The 6 most intriguing high-tech timepieces

Check out these six smart watches to see what could soon be replacing your analog timepiece.

3. Cookoo


So you’re sold on the idea of a smart watch, but you aren’t keen on having something that looks like a mini smart phone strapped to your wrist. Fair enough. Cookoo has you covered. The design looks just like a typical watch: round face with a minute and hour hand. But it is capable of much more. Through side buttons, you are alerted to phone calls, Facebook posts, Twitter mentions, and calendar reminders, plus it will tell you if your device is out of range or you have a low battery. You can also check into places on Facebook through the device and locate a lost phone. It is waterproof, rather than water-resistant like many other devices.

Reviewers have struggled with its limited capability – no e-mail or text notifications, no adjustment for the vibration level, no alarm clock option. Also, it is only compatible with Apple products, though the company says it is working on Android compatibility. However, it does not have to be charged regularly, thanks to normal watch batteries, and it comes in a variety of colors. The question is whether you want to trade ability for aesthetics.

Price: $129.99

Colors: Pink, Blue, White, Black, Green

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