Steam's 2013 summer sale features Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2

The 2013 Valve Summer Getaway Sale is stocked with top-shelf talent. 

2K Games
A screenshot from Bioshock Infinite, one of the titles featured in the 2013 Steam Summer Getaway Sale.

Computer gaming hub Steam has kicked off its annual summer sale. 

From now until July 22, Steam will offer a range of deals on top video games, from big-budget spectaculars such as Bioshock Infinite to indie favorites like Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve. The Summer Getaway Sale, as Valve Corporation calls it, is split into four main verticals: Daily Deals, Flash Sales, Community's Choice, and Top Sellers. 

Daily Deals last for 24 hours, while Flash Sales are rotated every eight hours. Community's Choice allows users to vote on the games they'd like to see discounted; the Top Sellers section includes Skyrim and Civilization V, among other games. 

You can get started here

But you'd be wise to take heed of the warning offered up by Anna Roberts of Hypable, who notes that Steam's infrastructure seems to be a little.... strained by all the action. 

"The rush to take advantage of these generous offers resulted in the prompt demise of Steam’s servers," she writes. "Consumers had problems accessing the store, adding games to their basket and finishing their transactions. However, if Steam follow the precedent set in previous sales, daily deals should be available for a further 24 hours after they end, hopefully allowing everyone to get a chance at completing their purchases." 

In related news, earlier this year, Steam set a new record: 6.6 million concurrent users. 

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