5 games to look for at E3 2012

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the most anticipated video game shows of the year. This time around, developers and designers from companies such as Activision and Electronic Arts will be showcasing their new and unreleased products among about 200 registered exhibitors. Here are five games to look for this year – but we also want to hear from you. Let us know about your most anticipated titles in the comments. 

Xbox Press Center
The Electronic Entertainment Expo will kick off on June 5th and feature upcoming console and PC games, such as Halo 4.

1. Halo 4

Xbox Press Center
"Halo 4 is the next blockbuster installment in the iconic franchise that's shaped entertainment history and defined a decade of gaming," according to the Xbox Press Center.

The Halo franchise is arguably the staple of the Xbox 360, so nearly five years after the release of Halo 3, fans are more than ready for what comes next. The latest installment will pick up with Master Chief Petty Office John-117, a super soldier who has appeared in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. Set for release on Nov. 6, Halo 4 will be “set in the aftermath of Halo 3, [when] Master Chief returns to confront his own destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe.” Sounds about right.

While Bungie designed all of prior Halo games, 343 Industries – a Microsoft subsidiary – has taken the reigns of Halo 4. “We’ve really focused on trying to craft these moments that live up to the legacy of the Halo experience,” 343 Industries creative director Josh Holmes said in the behind-the-scenes video, “Making Halo 4: First Look.” Other developers said they wanted to bring more of Master Chief’s story to the new game, since it had only been explored in comic books and other media. And, of course, “a threat that is beyond anything that Master Chief has faced before.”

Halo 4 was announced during last year’s E3 – this year, Microsoft will showcase a demo.

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