Roger Hargreaves: Have you seen all 16 Google doodles today?

Happy Birthday, Roger Hargreaves. The acclaimed children's book author would have turned 76 today. In true Google fashion, the search engine saluted Hargreaves with a homepage homage featuring some of his iconic characters.

Roger Hargreaves may be best known for his Mr. Men and Little Miss books about smiling, colorful cartoons. Google really went whole hog for today's celebration, reviving Mr. Messy, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Tickle, and tons of other doodled dudes. There are 16 Roger Hargreaves Google doodles in all. Through careful screen shots and furious page refreshes, we present you with each and every one. Enjoy!

1. Little Miss Shy
The first of Roger Hargreaves' 16 Google doodles today.

It's hard to identify all of Roger Hargreaves' characters in this scene, but Little Miss Shy is no doubt the blushing beauty on the left. As for the dancers, one of them is easy to pick out – even from behind. Mr. Small, the red bloke with a tiny hat, is known for his outsized personality and perpetual jazz hands.

The Hargreaves gang changed colors and wardrobes over the years. For example, Mr. Small later looked more orange and wore a tall stovepipe hat that was the envy of Abraham Lincoln impersonators everywhere. Google chose the classic Mr. Small design, which works well since it matches the red tint of the 'e' in Google logo.

The other characters, from right to left, are probably a green Mr. Skinny (the shape is right, but he usually dresses in all yellow), a blue Mr. Dizzy (without his signature bowler hat), and maybe Mr. Bounce or Mr. Mischief (they look near identical). If you have insider Roger Hargreaves knowledge or work for an FBI profiler team, please let us know in the comments if you can identify the other misfits.

IN PICTURES: The best Google Doodles

Hargreaves had a prolific career, hence the massive cast and changing designs. He published 90 books and launched a television show starring the doodles. After he passed on in 1988, his son, Adam, kept the series rolling. Last February, Hargreaves fans got word that 20th Century Fox and producer Shawn Levy (director of comedies such as "Night at the Museum" and "Date Night") will reboot the colorful crew with a new animated feature.

OK, that's one down. Click the blue arrow button below to see the 15 other Roger Hargreaves Google doodles.

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